Types of Health Insurance Plans

In today’s world, people face health-related problems such as infections, ailments, and other diseases. Such a disease needs a high-cost of treatment expenses. And put the person in debt. To avoid such problems, various health insurance companies have opened in the country that offers health insurance policies to save people from various health problems without disturbing their lifetime savings. In this article, we will give you information about every type of health insurance in detail.

Further Types of Best Health Insurance in India

There are further types of health insurance policies available in the Indian market from which people get the benefits easily and save their earnings. If you also want to know about the types of insurance plans in India, then read the following types.

Individual Health Insurance

It is insurance that only can buy by a single individual. Therefore, only a single individual gets compensation for the expense incurred for medical expenses or illness.

Family Health Insurance

The single insurance plan secures your entire family consisting of your elders, spouse, and kids. Under this insurance plan, only one member has to pay for the premium, and the whole family gets the premium easily.

Critical Health Insurance

accident insurance policy offers a sum of the money for life-threatening diseases to the people. When you buy this insurance, you claim the amount from the health problems affected by the pre-selected condition or critical illness.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

This type of health insurance offers coverage to people above the age of 65 years. It means your grandparents claim this insurance during their health problems.

Top Up Health Insurance

Top health insurance plans give a high amount of coverage to the people, and when they claim top-tier amounts, it will be mentioned in the pre-defined limit of the policy.

Hospital Daily Cash

It is also the best health insurance plan that offers an innovative solution to the hospital cash problem. This insurance helps to protect yourself from unknown expenses when you and your family member are hospitalized.

Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance is beneficial just like the accident insurance policy; it benefits the people when they are disabled or unable to do work from the road accidents. In addition, it provides the lump sum amount to the family member as support.


The mediclaim plan ensures compensation for hospitalization expenses in illness or accident situations. In addition, it offers coverage for patient expenses such as surgery expenses, nursing charges, doctor’s fees, oxygen, and anaesthesia.


Here we provide information about the types of health insurance plans. It would be best to consider all the information in this article. If you have the proper information about its types, you easily select the best insurance plan from the various needs per your requirements.

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