Natural Ways to Treat Kidney Stones

Health is something that needs to be maintained and maintained properly by every human being, be it children, adolescents, adults or even the elderly. By maintaining health, it is possible for the body to work normally according to the needs of each body organ, therefore, take care of your body health from now on. So how do you keep your body fit and healthy? There are many ways that can be done to keep the body healthy and fit, one way is to do sports, eat healthy foods, get enough rest, avoid stress and much more.

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One of the diseases that can be caused by unhealthy food intake is digestive tract complaints, where the symptoms themselves can be felt with urinary tract obstruction, infections, and so on. The characteristics of this disease are the presence of small stones that are formed from the rest of waste substances continuously, when it is left too long it will make crystal rocks that cover the urinary tract and can cause things that are very dangerous for the body. One way to treat kidney stones is to consume water regularly, avoid consuming excessive supplements, avoid taking drugs that contain lots of chemicals or consume traditional and herbal foods.
One of the herbal medicines that you can take to prevent and treat kidney stones is cat’s whiskers, uva ursi, vile shard, noni, celery leaves, basil / basil, tempuyung leaves, dandelion root. You can consume these herbal medicines continuously at the desired dose, because these herbal medicines contain properties that can dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalic acid from the body, especially in the bladder, bile, and kidneys. In addition, this drug also contains potassium salt which has the ability to shed urine and urinary tract stone solvents, so as to prevent the formation of crystal stones in the kidneys. Those are some of the causes of kidney failure and how to treat kidney stones and drugs that you can consume.

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