The Protein Diet Explained

Over the years, many doctors and dieticians have noticed that when a person eats more protein and fewer carbohydrates, they have the ability to lose weight faster. In fact, it has been noted by famous organizations, like the Mayo Clinic, that when a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates is observed, it can help to erase signs of heart disease and can allow the pounds to simply melt away.

So what is the protein diet and is it really worth the strict regimen it requires? Many say that it is the answer to obesity and for people to learn to re-train their eating habits. Some who have used this diet plan have been able to cancelsurgeries, like the gastric bypass.

Is High Protein The Diet For Today?

The protein diet works by allowing a person to eat foods they love and that are very filling. Meats like chicken, turkey, fish, and even pork are incorporated into the diet because they are high in protein. There have been several variations of the original diet that have indication or attack periods and restricted carbohydrate intake, but this is not your everyday low carbohydrate plan. The difference in this type of diet is that the person doesn’t count carbohydrates, but rather grams of protein.

What about Fruits and Vegetables?

Sure there are some elements of the carbohydrate diet in this plan too. For example, even the simplest piece of fruit, like an orange, is loaded with carbohydrates and carbohydrates are bad. This diet plan teaches a person to eat the foods that have fewer carbohydrates and are more filing to allow them to not experience any hunger and to allow the body the fuel it needs. For instance, when dealing with fruits like strawberries, honeydew, watermelon and raspberries, they all have a much lower carbohydrate content that that of a banana or apple. The reason being is the water content within the piece of fruit. If fruit has more water, it will have fewer carbohydrates

Why Protein?

Protein is not just meat; actually it is just a fraction of what a person can eat. It is acceptable to eat eggs, beans, nuts, legumes, and of course meat. While it is acceptable to eat pork, cuts of meat that tend to be full of fat should be avoided. The goal is to have more than 200 g of protein per day. On the traditional low carbohydrate diet, a person doesn’t count the protein grams or the fat content.

Who Uses This Diet Plan?

The high protein diet plan is recommended for those who need to lose large amounts of weight and bodybuilders. Because of its quick results, it allows people who are suffering with obesity to quickly get their situation under control. The increase in protein and the decrease in sugars cause the body to detox rather quickly. As the body detoxifies all the sugar, it will allow it to quickly burn stored up levels of fuel. Those who start on this plan and do the induction or attack phase, can lose as much as 6-10 pounds in the first week. This helps to jump start the metabolism and to get the weight loss on track.

Is This Diet For Everyone?

Hollywood is always looking for new diets and trends and ways to lose weight quickly. While the low carbohydrate plan has helped many, saying that a person can never have bread or fruit again is kind of unrealistic. Sure at some point a person is going to want a banana or an orange. The goal with this plan is to up the protein and reduce carbohydrates, fat and see dramatic results.

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