Simple Nagasar Cake Recipe Without Oven

This Nagasari cake is a type of traditional cake originating from Java. People often make this cake as a snack for babies or toddlers. The soft and smooth texture makes this cake perfect for them. Wrapped in banana leaves and often also sold in the market as a snack for wet cakes. The Nagasari cake recipe includes a simple cake recipe without an oven , because it is also cooked by steaming.
Usually served for certain occasions as a delicious and simple snack. How to make it very easy, the materials needed are also not difficult to find. For those of you who don’t know the Nagasari cake recipe and want to make it, see the full review below.

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• Rice flour, 200gram.
• Granulated sugar, 200 grams.
• Coconut milk, 500gram.
• Fine salt, teaspoon.
• Vanilla powder, teaspoon.
• Pandan leaves, 3 pieces.
• Banana kepok or other bananas that you like.
• Adequate banana leaves as a wrapper for Nagasari cake.
Before executing all the ingredients above, you should first prepare the banana leaves and bananas. Wash pandan leaves with running water until clean. Peel the bananas, then cut into desired pieces. Don’t forget to clean the banana leaves from dust and dirt.
Nagasari Cake Recipe
  1. Prepare a container for the dough, pour the coconut milk into the container.
  2. Add vanilla powder, salt, sugar and pandan leaves. Then stir evenly.
  3. After the ingredients above are evenly mixed, prepare the pan. Put the mixed ingredients into the pan. Boil over medium heat until the coconut milk boils while stirring.
  4. Turn off the heat and lift the coconut milk stew when it is boiling.
  5. Then put the rice flour in the container. Pour the hot coconut milk stew into the container.
  6. Stir evenly until the mixture is perfectly mixed and tastes just right. You can taste a little taste, maybe less sweet or lacking other ingredients.
  7. Take 1-2 spoons of the dough that was made earlier. Place it on the banana leaf. Put a piece of pandan leaf in the middle. Then pack it neatly. If you can’t figure out how to wrap it, ask your mother or grandmother.
  8. Prepare the steamer. Steam the wrapped dough until it is completely cooked. If it feels cooked, you can remove it and cool it on a serving plate.
  9. Serve the nagasari cake with other cakes.

If you have a baby, you can also make a nagasari cake without banana pieces in it. The taste is no less delicious and the baby will still love it. Usually this traditional cake is sold for a snack in the morning. This is a review of a soft and delicious Nagasari cake recipe, a traditional cake that has not been lost by the times. Hope it is useful.

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