How to tell the difference between a real or fake guess watch

Currently, there are many counterfeit brands on the market, one of which is a watch from guess. One of the comparison factors for fake and original goods is definitely the cheaper price. For how expensive or cheap the goods usually depend on the quality level of the kW. For the quality of the goods that fit also, of course, is very low. Usually the price offered for  fake guess watches  ranges from 50,000 to 200,000 rupiah, wow, that’s very far when compared to the price at the guess counter directly. The more fake goods on the market, the more difficult it is for us to distinguish them. There are several things that you need to pay attention to when you want to distinguish a real or fake guess watch.
The first thing you have to know is to know the popularity of the watch you are going to buy. Because these watches are quite popular, there must be people who produce fake guess watches to make personal gain. Next you also have to look at the quality parameters of the guess watch. There must be a quality factor that is the main difference between a genuine guess watch and a fake. The second thing to do is pay attention to the weight of the watch. Usually a watch’s weight is an indicator of a genuine watch, although one cannot immediately say for sure. In general, guess watches have more weight or weight than fake ones. 
Then guess watches are also made of pure pure stainless, this clock also has a neat, solid chain density, and solid too. What makes the next difference is the body shape of the watch and the calm, which I guess is very neat, the strap is proportional and looks more classic, fashionable, and unique. The original watch also has three dials on the right side for measuring seconds to 1/100th of a second, on some guess watch models and on chronograph types. 
Authentic guess watches also don’t cause skin irritation, fake watches usually irritate the skin because the material for fake watches is definitely ugly and difficult to clean so it collects germs. One important factor is that guess watches must also have a warranty card. The warranty card is usually on the back of the watch product packaging. Genuine guess watch warranty cards usually cover the movement, either 1 year or 2 years. If you don’t find the warranty card, you also usually ask for a warranty card as official proof that the product you are buying is genuine. With this warranty card, it can be an indicator to distinguish such as the official stamp from the store or service center appointed by Guess, the presence of a watch serial code, and the date of purchase. This guess watch is produced in the United States, because of that, this guess watch is very famous.
Well maybe that’s some tips on how to distinguish a genuine guess watch and a fake guess watch. You should be more careful in buying items like this because of course you do not want to use a fake watch. Alangkan better also you buy it at the official counter guess even though the price is expensive but the goods for sale are guaranteed authenticity.

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