Tips for Getting Good Quality Distro Clothes

Distro clothes are often in demand among young people. Not without reason, t-shirts or distro clothes seem more representative of a young soul and have unique choices. For some people, choosing a t-shirt is not an easy thing, it even takes hours to get the right one. It’s probably because they don’t know how to choose the right one, so what’s there always looks wrong.

Pay attention to ingredientsIn shopping, we actually have to first determine the criteria for the desired distribution of clothes. You have to set standards and know how to dress right for you. For those who are still confused about choosing the right clothes, you can follow the steps below!

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the material of the distro’s clothes. Before visiting the store, both offline and online, you must first study the character of each ingredient. You have to know how cotton, spandex or other materials are often used for distribution clothes. By knowing the character of each material, you can adjust when the clothes are worn.

If the material is wool, you can wear it during the rainy season because this material can warm the body. As for cotton, wear it in the summer. Because cotton can absorb sweat. Cotton is also cool to wear, you won’t feel the heat even when the weather is hot. Make sure to choose a material that you are comfortable wearing.

Consider screen printing or motifs

To beautify the appearance of clothes distributions are usually given pictures or motifs. Giving this image can be by screen printing. Well, look at the quality of the screen printing. Is it strong for a long period of time or not. In addition, whether the screen printing is heat resistant or not. Good screen printing usually absorbs into the fabric so that the image lasts longer. Knowledge of the screen printing method is also very important for you to know the quality of the screen printing distribution for the clothes you are going to buy.

A good screen printing also uses good ink, so the color of the screen print is bright, sharp and graded in every detail. In addition, the texture of the screen printing is smooth when touched and blends with the fabric. If you buy it online, you can ask the seller what type of print or screen printing method is used.

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T-shirt stitch

In addition, you also have to pay attention to the stitching of the shirt. The best stitch is a chain pattern which is usually chosen for the top of a shirt or shirt. This chain stitch is sewn with a 2 chain needle sewing machine. The chain-sewn part is on the upper shoulder that connects the collar to the sleeves. Chain stitches have a strong, neat and attractive character. That’s why most distro clothes choose to use chain stitches.

Choose a quality shop

One more thing you need to remember, when buying clothes from distributions both online and offline, choose a quality store. If you like to buy online, you can choose blibli to provide the clothes for the distribution you want. Blibli itself has many sellers of original and quality clothing distributions. You can choose freely, relaxed, easy, economical, and fast.

Make sure to always check for promos to get cheap prices when buying clothes from distributions. In addition to discounted prices, blibli has many other interesting promos. Almost every day, blibli holds a promo on each of its products. It is done to make you feel at home shopping at and always feel benefited. Buying products at blibli will give you peace of mind because the quality has been proven.

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