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Winner Medical’s Foam Dressing With Border – The Ideal Solution for Exuding Wounds

The Ultimate in Flexibility and Comfort

Winner Medical presents a game-changing solution in wound care with its Foam Dressing With Border. This remarkable product is all about adaptability and comfort. Designed to be flexible and easy to apply, it seamlessly fits the active parts of the body without limiting movement.

Unraveling the Foam Dressing with Border

Winner Medical’s Foam Dressing With Border is a multi-layered dressing that boasts of both flexibility and functionality. Its core comprises an absorbent polyurethane foam pad that excels in vertical exudate absorption. This foam is not just absorbent but also skilled at retaining exudate, preventing it from re-entering the wound and avoiding skin maceration in the peri-wound and surrounding areas. This makes it a versatile choice for a variety of wounds.

The Ingenious Product Structure

This Foam Dressing With Border comprises several layers:

Polyurethane membrane: This serves as an effective barrier that is not only waterproof but also allows the transpiration of exudate. This feature enhances the dressing’s overall fluid handling capacity.

Polyurethane foam layer: The heart of the dressing, this layer excels in absorbing wound exudate and retaining it within the dressing.

Release paper: A convenient component that aids in the application process.

Benefits That Matter

Winner Medical’s Foam Dressing With Border offers several key benefits:

Excellent ductility: The dressing is highly flexible and does not curl, making it easy to apply, especially on joints.

Breathable and comfortable membrane film: The polyurethane membrane is not only waterproof but also breathable, enhancing patient comfort.

Sensitive acrylic adhesive border: This ensures that the dressing stays securely in place, even during movement and activity.

The Right Choice for Exuding Wounds

This Foam Dressing With Border is the perfect choice for managing mild to moderately exuding wounds. It finds its application in various scenarios, including leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, second-degree burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds, and skin abrasions. Its versatility and comfort make it a valuable asset in wound care.


In conclusion, Winner Medical’s Foam Dressing With Border is a testament to innovation and patient comfort. Its flexibility, multi-layered design, and suitability for a range of wounds make it a standout choice for healthcare professionals. With Winner Medical’s Foam Dressing With Border, patients can experience wound care that is not only effective but also comfortable and unrestrictive, allowing them to get back to their daily lives with ease.

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