Why Choosing the Right Screwdriver Matters

Jakemy‘s screwdriver sets are helpful in repair and assembly work. However, it should be noted that screwdrivers come in various sizes and models, and each model has different functions and different applications. Therefore, choosing the right screwdriver for the job is crucial.

How do people choose which Jakemy screwdriver?

Before looking for the right Jakemy screwdriver for a particular job, determine the size of the screws you need to remove. This can be determined by finding the length of the screw and dividing it by 2.8. Once you know the size of the screw, you can find the right Jakemy screwdriver by looking up our size chart.

Of course, if a customer isn’t sure which screwdriver to buy and is at a loss as to how to measure, our customer service staff is available 24/7 to help him choose the best Jakemy screwdriver.

Why choose the right size screwdriver?

Choosing the wrong screwdriver bit can make or break your success. You can prevent screw loss, drill bit damage, and work surface damage by choosing the right fit and fit.

The screw head should fit the selected drill size. If the bit is too wide or too small and doesn’t fit properly, the screw will eventually come off. You can prevent screws from falling out, damaging parts, and damaging your work area by choosing the right screwdriver bit.

Why pick Jakemy?

  1. Their proprietary R&D team conducts yearlong, extensive market and product research. At the same time, new products are launched every year to ensure the constant innovation of their product lines.
  2. New products are manufactured every day throughout the many production lines of their independent factory. They employ a variety of high-quality raw materials to ensure the highest production efficiency and quality of their products.
  3. They provide OEM/ODM services and accept customized orders. From on-demand design service to full product production, they will strive to meet all of the customer needs.
  4. Their sales and customer service teams are available to respond to customers’ inquiries within 24 hours.


Choosing the right screwdriver size can be challenging. We hope our advice will help customers choose a screwdriver that meets their needs and feels good in the hand.

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