Why Are Sanitary Clamps Important?

Union Metal makes and sells camlock valves, sanitary clamps, and camlock ball valves. Union Metal makes ball valves. What makes metal hygienic? Businesses need hygienic fluid-flow components.

Stainless steel resists corrosion and oxidation but stains under low oxygen, high salinity, or poor airflow. The flow requires sanitary pipe fittings, valves, and other metal fittings. This blog from Union Metal emphasizes sanitary measures.


Clean or sterile procedures require a sanitary ball and butterfly valves. Dairy, food, pharma, med, and chem need sterile processing. Union Metal sanitary valves give the greatest hygiene standards.

These valves have crevice-free cleaning and polished contact surfaces.

Common valves include a ball, butterfly, needle, gate, pinch, diaphragm, and the globe. Butterfly sanitary valves have a fast-opening disc. It seals valve body seats at right angles to pipe flow when spun on a shaft. Butterfly valves throttle flow. Beer brewing and other high-pressure applications benefit from ball valves’ tight shut-off and control. Ball valves offer high rangeability without the side loads of butterfly or globe valves.


Sanitary valves benefit all industries. When your firm or industry needs a pure product, sanitary ball valves, butterfly valves, and other sanitary valves can help:

Food and medical businesses need crevice-free valves because cracks harbor pathogens. Clean restaurants and operations prevent illness and injury. Sanitary valve gaps mean hygiene difficulties.

Food and dairy industries value clean valves. Because these enterprises are monitoring product flow, ensuring quantities, and maintaining temperature, cleaning must be straightforward. Sanitary valves don’t discolor when cleaned.

Sanitary valves with polished surfaces resist rust and corrosion. Enterprises may find rust and corrosion control costly. Food, dairy, and pharmaceutical companies save money using polished stainless steel sanitary valves.


Many sectors rely on reliable, hygienic mechanical fittings like Union Metal’s ball or butterfly valves. Broken or contaminated components can also cost companies time and money.

Union Metal supports the sanitary and mechanical components of machines that are automated by computers.

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