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As we know now there are many types of vehicles that exist. It can be a separate choice according to needs or just taste when traveling. One that is considered very effective in traveling at a fairly long distance is the train. However, to be able to ride you must first order a train ticket . Train tickets are considered cheaper than if you have to use private vehicles such as motorbikes or cars. But you do have to book in advance before departure. How to order is also very easy, you only need to show your ID card or identity card to get permission from KAI. Once accepted you will be immediately given a ticket according to your destination.
But in some cases, because it is very easy and cheap, this train ticket makes sometimes tickets run out and you have to queue for some time before getting tickets according to your destination address. Especially during the homecoming season, you have to book tickets in advance so you can enjoy the holidays in your hometown if you don’t want to run out. It cannot be faulted, the very affordable price is the main attraction of this means of transportation. Plus a jam-free guarantee if you use the train. But of course nothing is absolutely perfect in this world. In terms of rail transportation in Indonesia, actually PT KAI has provided sufficient space, but it’s just because the population in Indonesia is also very large.
In this modern era, we should take advantage of this technological sophistication. Now Train Tickets can be ordered at online buying and selling shops on the internet. So you don’t have to bother coming to the station if you are a busy person. Of course there is a slight price difference due to postage or administration, but that doesn’t change that train tickets can still be said to be cheap even if you buy them online. From the many enthusiasts of tickets sold online, of course there are always pluses and minuses. In terms of advantages you can order it anytime and anywhere so it saves your time effectiveness. In terms of minuses, there is a slight additional cost from online transactions that have provided this convenience. So everything is still conditional depending on the consumer.
As one form of transportation that has its own route, namely rail, train is a guarantee to avoid traffic jams. Especially if you are passing through big cities, which are usually filled with traffic which often causes traffic jams in the city’s streets. From this experience, the existence of a train really helps the Indonesian people in the world of transportation. The risk of an accident is also very minimal if you use this one transportation, because you can sleep as much as you want on the train. It’s different if you use a private vehicle, as a driver of your personal vehicle, your eyes must also be there, right? You also have to memorize the road route if you use a private vehicle. So from here we can conclude from the plus and minus of trains in Indonesia. The advantages are many with the various facilities provided. So using the train is highly recommended for those of you who want to travel a fairly long distance.
Train ticket prices in Indonesia can be said to be very cheap. Especially if we look at all the advantages and conveniences provided by this one means of transportation. So that the train becomes the main recommendation for those of you who want to travel a considerable distance.

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