How to Connect an LED TV with an Android Phone

There are many things you can do with a smartphone, but sadly, it just keeps you away from the people you care about. It’s a good idea to share the entertainment that you find on your Android smartphone to the LED TV you have so that the whole house can also feel the joy you feel.
If your Android phone has been confirmed to have the Miracast feature, now is the time to look at the support for this feature on your TV device. If your TV at home doesn’t have Miracast, then you’ll need to buy an extra dongle.
Check what type of cable the end matches the port on your Android phone. Pay attention to the two types of cables below which one suits your cellphone.
  • Kabel Micro HDMI ke HDMI
  • MHL cable that has two connectors, Micro USB to HDMI. Also make sure your Android phone supports the MHL feature, because not all of them provide this technology support.
Steps or how to connect an Android phone to a TV using a cable connection:
  • Turn off your TV first by pressing the on/off button.
  • Connect the TV to the Android cellphone by inserting the flat end of the cable into the cellphone, while the large end you insert into the TV socket labeled HDMI.
  • Turn your TV back on and switch the channel to the HDMI option.
  • Switching to a cellphone, please tick the option that says “HDMI Connection”. In this process, make sure your cellphone is not in lock mode to make it easier to manage.
  • Now, you can see the screen display on your Android phone on TV. You can switch to landscape orientation to fit the area of ​​the TV screen and make it more comfortable to look at.
  • Connecting your cellphone to a TV without cables, you can use the Miracast or Wireless Display feature on your cellphone. Before starting, please check the availability of the Miracast feature on cellphones and TVs. If your TV doesn’t have this feature, you can buy a Miracast dongle or receiver.
That’s the way you can do to connect the TV with the Android phone you have

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