Overview of Mass Flow Sensors in a Quick

A device that gauges the rate at which a liquid or gas is flowing is called a mass flow sensor. This is done by timing how long it takes for the volume of a substance to flow through the sensor.

How does the mass flow sensor work?

A mass flow sensor calculates the rate at which a fluid (such as air, water, or oil) flows through a pipe, channel, or another conduit. A simple sensor consists of two metal plates that can open and close along one side to create a small opening through which fluid may flow. The electrical signal that the sensor emits when it is activated may be read by a computer or other device.

Mass flow sensors are often employed in industrial settings to monitor the flow of liquids, gases, and powders. They are also used in applications that evaluate car emissions and for quality control. Mass flow sensors are often reliable, and accurate, and may be used in several applications.

What Are the Options for Users?

Let’s use the Saftty AFM3020 mass flow sensor as an example to show how to use it. This sensor is very accurate in detecting the movement of air and other non-aggressive gases. Due to the unique design inside the air duct, the fluid passing through the sensor is lost at extremely low pressure, making its performance suitable for a broad variety of demanding application conditions, such as medical ventilation and respiratory applications.

Saftty creates many different types of sensors, has expert R&D facilities and equipment, and supports a variety of simulated environmental trial settings to construct high-quality product production and inspection procedures. They also regularly use this equipment for spectroscopy, burner control, environmental monitoring, and medical automation.


Saftty mass flow sensors are widely employed as high-precision, high-efficiency flow measurement devices in chemical, medicinal, and other fields.

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