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Origami is a decentralized media ecosystem that aims to revolutionize how we produce, distribute, and consume content. The company’s mission is to build a blockchain-based platform that will facilitate the creation of a fair and equitable media ecosystem. Kucoin aims to provide users with a secure trading platform through innovative technology, a strong customer support team, and investment opportunities.

The project’s unique value proposition is its ability to create a decentralized content exchange system that will allow users to generate revenue from their original content while also allowing them to access relevant information about content creators and publishers.

Auragami’s cryptocurrency token (ARG) can be used as collateral for loans or as payment for premium content on the platform. The token will also be used in voting processes within the ecosystem, which will allow users to influence decisions made by platform operators, such as those regarding new features or even changes in how they are implemented.

Aims And Objectives

Origami is a platform that aims to help users create and share their digital currencies. The venue was founded by the same team that created AurumCoin, a cryptocurrency bitcoin price designed to help people buy gold. The platform aims to provide a way for people to develop their digital currencies and then promote those coins on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The company plans to launch its ICO in early 2020 and hopes that it will become one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world.

Origami has already raised $5 million in funding from various investors worldwide, including China and Japan.

EOS Auragam

In the spotlight today, Auragami is a platform that allows users to create and participate in decentralized applications (dApps). The platform uses EOS blockchain technology and works with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is airdropping 500 AUR tokens to all new users who sign up through our link by November 1st!

This Week’s Featured Project Is Origami

Origami is an EOS-based blockchain platform that aims to provide users and developers with a secure and reliable data-sharing ecosystem. The company claims that it can achieve this by allowing users only to access the data they need while preventing data leakage through encryption technology. They also plan to use the blockchain as a ledger for data records and transactions so that users can verify the validity of their data without having to trust anyone else but themselves. The Kucoin Spotlight is a weekly series that provides readers with more information about Kucoin’s listed projects. Every Monday, we will select a new project and give you details about the ICO, plus stats and news from their website.


Auragami’s mission is to provide high-quality services to everyone who wants to join the world of blockchain technology like a crypto trading bot. They want to make it easier for people new to crypto to understand how it works, find trustworthy information about cryptocurrency bitcoin prices and exchanges, and get involved in the market. kucoin offers a referral program that provides bonuses for successful referrals (the amount varies based on how many referrals are made)

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