Junty’s Pump Bushings Review: What Are These & How Do They Work?

This review will cover these bushings, how they work, and if they are worth your hard-earned cash!

What are Junty’s Pump Bushings?

Junty’s pump bushings are a type of suspension bushing that helps to smooth out the movement of an engine or driveshaft. They’re made from various materials, including metal and polymer, and they usually come in two pieces that fit together like a puzzle. Once installed, Junty’s pump bushings help to reduce noise and vibration while maintaining proper fluid flow.

How to Use Junty’s Pump Bushings

To use Junty’s pump bushings:

  1. Remove the cap from the end of the hose and attach it to one of the valves on your bike’s shock or fork (depending on which type of pump bushing you have).
  2. Turn the valve to open up the circuit, and then tighten it down onto the valve.
  3. Put your bike in gear and push down on the front tire until it starts to move; this will tell you how much pressure is in the bushing.
  4. Keep pushing until you reach your desired pressure, then turn off the valve and remove the bushing.
  5. Replace it with another of equal size, turn on the valve, and repeat until all four bushings have been replaced.


When looking for a pump bushing, it is important to consider the specific needs that the bushing will address. For example, if you are looking for a pump bushing, please do not hesitate to contact JUNTY because it has always manufactured seal products and wear-resistant components for the global fluid and gas control industry.

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