How to play Corner odds to get the best results? Best betting tips of the year

Corner bet often appears in football competitions, with many different genres and carries a large winning percentage. Therefore, they become more attractive to players than ever. If you are a new bettor who is interested in this type of bet, please find out more details below.

How to understand Corner odds?

Corner odds have the Vietnamese name for corner kicks, and are often participated by bettors to predict the number of corners in a football match. Besides, this bet is also set when the player chooses to bet on the time that the first corner will appear.

Number of corners taken nhà cái uy tín Make bets depending on the characteristics of the team or tournament. Normally, the average statistics at bookmakers is 10 times (less than 12 times). In addition, the time when the first corner kick is bet on by the betting portal is usually “in the first 8 minutes”.

It can be said that the Corner bet is one of the easiest and most popular bets at nhà cái uy tín. Bettors will not need to care about winning or losing on both sides, but will only care about the corner kicks that will appear in the match to place bets. In some cases in a match there are no corner kicks, at this time nhacaiuytin will refund the player or move to the next bet. However, this rarely happens in football, so you can completely bet peacefully.

Some of the most popular forms of Corner betting at nhà cái uy tín

Corner betting is increasingly developing with a variety of different playing forms for you to choose from. At nhà cái uy tín, the bookmakersport is organizing attractive forms of play such as:

Corner over/under odds

Over/Under bets are calculated according to the total match result formula to determine win/loss, based on the player’s choice of Over/Under. The bookmaker will give betting odds for each match, specifically:

Over: total number of corners > house edge

Under: total number of corners < bookmaker odds

Corner Handicap

Each bookmaker will offer different Corner handicaps depending on the match situation, team strength, nature of each season… At that time, players need to research carefully to make appropriate judgments. The final result is based on the statistical basis of the number of corners that appeared in the whole match and the handicap to determine win/loss.

First/last Corner odds

First Corner requires players to accurately predict which team will take the first corner in the match. Similarly, you also need to find out which team will take the last corner to place the Last Corner bet.

The most standard method of playing Corner odds

To win big when betting on Corner, each member should know and flexibly apply different betting methods. Some of the following playing methods applied by experts in the betting world may be useful to you.

The second half was played over the corner

Based on the actual situation, if you notice that the first half has few corners or no goals, then in the second half, over the corner as soon as the number of corners increases. Remember that you need to carefully monitor general developments to apply the most skillful method.

Play Under FT style

This is considered a way to play exclusively for professional bettors because this style of play requires a lot of highly specialized knowledge. In match 1, if there are too many corners, immediately after the end, the house will Over FT equal to the number of corners in the first half and add 6 more results with Under FT probability of 70%.

Vibration rafters Over the corners

In case the total number of corners is quite large, when participating, please focus on the corner tempo at the time of overtake. On the contrary, if there are still no corner kicks between 60 and 80 minutes, the player should recalculate the Over bet.

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Experience in predicting big wins

Besides knowing how to play, smart bettors will also have good tips for themselves to win. Some notes and experiences applied by people in the world include:

Carefully study the results of previous matches

Before placing a bet, one of the important things is to research the competition history of the two teams. That way you can get an overview to make the right decision.

Pay attention to monitoring the actual situation

The match situation is very unpredictable, so you need to closely monitor the match because at any time a corner kick can appear. So, guys, please stay focused and don’t miss any moment!

Evaluate information objectively

All information collected must be commented and evaluated objectively and cannot rely on hunches or preferences for certain teams to make decisions. Betting is a matter of chance, but use reason to make the wisest decision.

Corner bet is an interesting bet with a high winning rate if the player knows how to participate effectively and smartly. So if you want to have the best experience when playing odds, come to nhà cái uy tín and you will not be disappointed in the service and product quality here.

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