First-Time Runtz Growing Techniques

No two strains of marijuana taste the same or are grown in the same way, and Runtz strains are no exception. This article will dissect some of the advantages and disadvantages of cultivating Runtz so you’re prepared if you try it yourself.

Growing Runtz – The Pros

  • Popularity – Runtz is a popular strain for a variety of reasons, including its sweet and fruity flavor profile and euphoric effects.
  • Variety – An increasing number of Runtz strains are available, so you should find one that is both excellent quality (if purchased from a competent breeder) and meets your preferences.
  • LocationRuntz strains can be grown indoors and outdoors, so if you need more indoor room, you can wait until suitable circumstances are present outside before starting the growth process. Because the plant can grow up to six feet tall, many amateur growers will need to cultivate Runtz outside.
  • Grow Speed – Runtz strains often have a consistently swift growth time that hovers around sixty days. Furthermore, they can mature even when the PPFD is low, such as when a light goes out or in the edges/corners of a room with poor grow lighting.

Growing Runtz – The Cons

    • Hunger – Many Runtz strains produce ravenous plants. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is always worth considering before committing to a Runtz grow.
    • Yield – Unfortunately, a plant that enjoys eating and drinking does not usually produce a correspondingly high volume of blooms. The yield is probably the most disappointing aspect of growing Runtz strains. While the high and flavor are appealing, commercial growers report that Runtz cannabis does not produce a significant yield.
  • Difficulty – If you are new to growing marijuana or haven’t had much luck in the past, cultivating Runtz may prove to require a lot of time and effort for a small yield.

Despite its cons, Runtz continues to be a popular strain among canna-connoisseurs. Its beautiful buds and mind-blowing high make it a highly sought-after strain that is always worth the time you put into it.

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