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Enhancing Flame Retardancy with Shine Polymer’s Polytetrafluoroethylene Powder

Shine Polymer, a renowned brand in the polymer industry, offers high-value polymer products that provide numerous benefits to manufacturers and end-users. Their range of products includes poltetrafluoroethylene powder, a versatile material known for its exceptional properties. Shine Polymer’s innovative Shinepoly®SN3310 Anti-dripping Agent, encapsulated with optimized fluoropolymer resin through patented in situ polymerization, is revolutionizing the industry by enhancing flame retardancy and improving the quality of molded parts in various thermoplastic applications.

Shinepoly®SN3310 Anti-Dripping Agent: Unparalleled Flame Retardancy

Shine Polymer’s Shinepoly®SN3310 Anti-dripping Agent, derived from poltetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder, is a breakthrough solution for enhancing flame retardancy in thermoplastic materials. This encapsulated PTFE powder is developed using optimized fluoropolymer resin through patented in situ polymerization. When incorporated into various thermoplastic materials, such as PC, PA, PPO, PBT, ABS, HIPS, PP, and alloys, the optimized shell material of Shinepoly® anti-dripping agent offers excellent dispersion, resulting in high-quality molded parts.

Improved Molded Parts Quality with Shinepoly®SN3310 Anti-Dripping Agent

Shinepoly®SN3310 Anti-dripping Agent is designed to improve the quality of molded parts by reducing flammability and minimizing the formation and spread of flames. By incorporating this advanced anti-dripping agent into thermoplastic materials, manufacturers can achieve superior flame retardancy, ensuring the safety and reliability of their products. Shinepoly®SN3310’s optimized shell material allows for excellent dispersion within various thermoplastic matrices, resulting in consistent and high-quality molded parts. This makes it an ideal choice for industries that require flame retardancy, such as automotive, electronics, and construction.


Shine Polymer’s high-value polymer products, particularly their Shinepoly®SN3310 Anti-dripping Agent derived from poltetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder, offer significant advantages to manufacturers seeking improved flame retardancy and molded part quality. With its optimized fluoropolymer resin and patented in situ polymerization, Shinepoly®SN3310 delivers unparalleled flame retardancy while ensuring excellent dispersion in various thermoplastic materials. By incorporating Shine Polymer’s innovative solutions, businesses can enhance the safety, performance, and reliability of their products across a range of industries.

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