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Driving Research Excellence and Influential Insights at ACEM Faculty of Business

ACEM Faculty of Business has positioned itself as a prominent hub for research excellence and practical insights in the business world. With distinguished faculty members, a strong publication record, and impactful thought leadership, ACEM fosters innovation, disseminates knowledge, and shapes the future of business.

The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Excellent Young Scholars

ACEM’s faculty members benefit from prestigious funding programs that recognize outstanding young scholars in their respective fields. These initiatives provide financial support and resources to propel their independent research endeavors forward. By securing these grants, ACEM’s faculty members gain valuable recognition, allowing them to make significant contributions to business scholarship.

Extensive Publication Record and Ongoing Research

The faculty at ACEM consistently achieves commendable publication records, demonstrating their commitment to advancing academic knowledge in various business disciplines. Their research spans interdisciplinary boundaries, fostering collaborations and exploring innovative approaches to complex problems. Furthermore, ACEM publishes notable journals that further amplify the impact of their research on a global scale.

Practical Implications and Thought Leadership

ACEM’s faculty members actively disseminate their insights worldwide, transcending the realm of academia. Their research findings and practical implications resonate with business leaders, governments, and the media due to their relevance and applicability. The faculty’s influential voice shapes industry practices, informs policy decisions, and sparks meaningful discussions surrounding key business challenges. Their notable contributions have a tangible impact on multiple sectors.


ACEM Faculty of Business stands as a beacon of research excellence, driven by prestigious grants, extensive publications, and influential thought leadership. Through their scholarly achievements, ACEM’s faculty members contribute to the advancement of business knowledge and inspire groundbreaking solutions. As their influence extends beyond academia, they shape the landscape of business, catalyzing innovation, and driving positive change. By leveraging their expertise, ACEM Faculty of Business leaves an indelible mark on the future of the business world.

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