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Customized Agricultural Lighting from Hontech Wins for Boosting Animal Performance

Hontech Wins was established in 2009 and offers knowledgeable LED lighting solutions for numerous agricultural applications. The company, which has more than ten years of experience in the development of innovative poultry lighting, caters to the unique lighting requirements of livestock producers and growers.

Tailored Animal Lighting Solutions

Hontech Wins offers a selection of dimmable LED tubes, bulbs and bars with multiple configurations. Their agricultural lights utilize optimized LED spectra and timer controls to promote optimal animal health, growth rates, reproduction and yield. Remote monitoring systems allow farmers to adjust light programs precisely for each stage of production.

Proven Benefits Across Different Applications

For poultry farms, Hontech Wins’ poultry lighting improves animal welfare and productivity metrics like body weight, feed conversion and hatchability. The company’s full-spectrum broiler lights boost chicken weight gain through optimized light recipes. For example, for pig farms, their customized pig lights promote growth, feed efficiency and litter uniformity. Mushroom growers benefit from enhanced yield, crop quality and harvest frequency through company’s mushroom lights. Pig producers note faster weight gain and better feed conversion ratios from the company’s optimized pig lighting. Poultry farmers see reduced bird stress, higher meat yields and productivity using their lights. Dairy operators leverage company’s intelligent dairy lights to maximize cow comfort and milk production.


Hontech Wins has made it possible for agricultural businesses to increase performance outcomes through specialized animal illumination catered to their specific needs. These agricultural LED luminaires are dependable and versatile, developed to optimize various production metrics for diverse animals.

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