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Power Up Your Camera with SmallRig’s Compact VB99 V-Mount Battery

A V-mount battery is a high-capacity 14.4V lithium-ion battery designed for professional cameras and devices. V-mount batteries lock securely into a V-mount plate, providing a vibration-resistant connection. Experience extended shooting freedom with SmallRig’s VB99 V-Mount Battery. This lightweight, compact V-mount delivers reliable power in a portable, field-ready form factor.

Power Up Your Camera with SmallRig's Compact VB99 V-Mount Battery

SmallRig VB99 V-Mount Battery Overview

SmallRig‘s VB99 packs an impressive 99Wh into a compact V-mount body that’s 30% smaller than a standard battery. Weighing just 1.2 lbs, it lightens your camera load for comfortable handheld and gimbal use.

Despite its small size, the VB99 powers a range of devices via USB-C, USB-A, D-Tap, and DC outputs. It recharges rapidly up to 65W over USB-C. An integrated display shows remaining power at a glance.

Designed for Field Use

From the lightweight enclosure to the rubberized grip, SmallRig optimized the VB99 for real-world shoots. The slim profile sits flush on camera rigs for a lower center of gravity. It operates safely from -4°F to 113°F and meets international safety standards.

With intelligent power management and durable construction, the VB99 delivers uninterrupted power for a successful shoot.

Why Choose SmallRig V-Mount Batteries

For over 10 years, SmallRig has equipped filmmakers and content creators with precision-engineered, quality solutions.

Their V-mount batteries strike an ideal balance of power, portability, and ruggedness. They miniaturize designs without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Whether you shoot documentary, commercials, or narrative films, SmallRig V-mount batteries bring robust power to your projects. Unleash your creative potential with extended shooting freedom.


The high-capacity yet compact VB99 V-mount battery unlocks hours of smooth camera operation. See how our full range of accessories can maximize your capabilities. Wherever the shoot takes you, SmallRig delivers the pro-grade solutions to make it happen.

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