Information about Electric Vehicle Charging Power Supply Design is Necessary

Charging Station Market Prospect

New energy cars’ “energy stations” are charging stations. BusinessWire predicts a 40% CAGR for India’s electric car charging infrastructure industry from 2019 to 2025. Electric car charging stations are in demand as electric vehicle sales rise. Electric car innovation drives the worldwide electric vehicle charging station market. For new infrastructure building, increased global government backing, the drive from global organizations to reduce carbon footprint, and global company initiatives are additional important reasons offering a big potential opportunity for the charging station sector.

Analysts forecast that Asia Pacific would dominate the worldwide electric car charging station market. The Asia Pacific electric vehicle charging stations market is growing due to rising electric vehicle use and incentives to buy battery-powered automobiles. North America and Europe will continue to dominate this market.


DC (direct current) charging stations are larger and charge quicker, whereas AC (alternating current) charging stations are smaller and charge slower.

Control circuits, security units, and HCI systems make up electric car charging stations. A 5V-powered integrated ARM CPU completes the control circuit. Self-service card swipes provide user identification, balance inquiry, billing query, and other activities. Voice output is also available from the EV charging system. In addition, RS485 or CAN communication modules send interaction data.

The LCD guides users through four charging modes: flat rate, charging by electric amount, automatic full charge, and charging by miles.

Charger Power Needs

(1) Outdoor charging stations must fulfill a stringent temperature requirement of -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius due to the considerable temperature variance between the four seasons. Due to the difficult environment, the components must fulfill Surge line to line ±2KV/line to ground ±4KV, EFT ±4kV, and conformal coating requirements (moisture-proof, fungi-proof, dust-proof, and salt-spray proof, etc.)

(2) In the Chinese market, charging stations must automatically convert 12V and 24V output power for bus and automobile battery management systems (BMS), and the Mornsun charging station power supply LM150-12M1224 is available.

(3) Abnormal voltage fluctuations in distribution networks might cause the charging station’s input voltage to drift high. Thus the power supply must survive the 300Vac surge input for 5 seconds or be compatible with the 300Vac input design.

Mornsun Helps Chargers

The worldwide electric car sector has recently leapfrogged due to government policy backing and company investment. As a result, electric cars and charging suppliers prioritize small, cost-effective power options. In addition, Mornsun, an enclosed power supply company that offers one-stop solutions, has a range of charging station products that fulfill all the main specifications specified above and address the newest electric car charging technologies.

For charging applications, the 150W enclosed switching power supply LM150-23Bxx has ultra-wide 85-305VAC input and 4000VAC high isolation voltage and powers charging system MCUs well. Another enclosed switching power supply from Mornsun for DC charging stations, the LM150-12M1224, can withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 seconds, has universal 180-264VAC input, high isolation voltage of 3000VAC, operating temperature range of -30°C to +70°C, and multiple protections like output short circuit, over-current, and over-voltage protection. This series is IEC/EN/UL62368 safety-approved and can transition between 12V and 24V, which is ideal for bus and automobile BMSs; the communication bus is TD501DCANH3.

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