Funingpu: A Leading Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Gelatin for Medical Innovation

Funingpu Gelatin Co., Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They specialize in providing high-quality products and solutions for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and health sectors.

Highlighting Funingpu’s expertise in manufacturing pharmaceutical gelatin

Funingpu’s expertise lies in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical gelatin, which is essential for medical innovation. This type of gelatin is biocompatible and biodegradable, meeting strict quality standards set by cGMP, ISO, and FDA regulations. Their pharmaceutical gelatin is widely used in various applications such as hard capsules, tablets, and specialty pharma products.

Exploring the various applications of pharmaceutical gelatin and their importance in medical innovation

Hard capsules are a common dosage form that consists of two sections: the body and the cap. Pharmaceutical gelatin plays an essential role in the production of hard capsules, providing a convenient and easy-to-use dose form for various products. The use of pharmaceutical gelatin as the primary component ensures the capsules meet all requirements and provide an effective delivery method for medication.

Tablets are another important application of pharmaceutical gelatin. In tablet production, pharmaceutical gelatin provides adhesive properties and acts as a coating to make the tablets temperature-resistant, harder, and with adhesion. Pharmaceutical gelatin is used as an excipient, a substance added to the drug to shape it into the desired form.

Specialty pharma products also rely heavily on Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin due to its high purity, biocompatibility, and biodegradability. It is an essential biomaterial for tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, and other similar applications. With unique film-forming capabilities and thermal reversibility, Funingpu pharmaceutical gelatin is a key ingredient in the production of hard capsules, tablets, and specialty pharma products.


In conclusion, Funingpu’s expertise in manufacturing pharmaceutical gelatin makes them a leading manufacturer in the industry. The various applications of pharmaceutical gelatin make it an essential component for medical innovation and technical applications. With their commitment to good environmental management and clean production practices, investing in Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin manufacturing facility is a sustainable investment opportunity.

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