Adjustable Inductors: A Surprising New Way to Design Power Electronics

Imagine a time when you could design all your power electronics without the need for prototyping, and not have to worry about as much circuit stability. That’s where adjustable inductors come in!

What are Inductors?

Inductors are an important part of any power electronics design, and adjustable inductors offer a new way to optimize your designs. By tuning the inductor’s resonance frequency, you can change its performance and alter the voltage and current signals passing through it. This can improve the efficiency of your power electronics circuits and reduce the amount of energy wasted in unwanted oscillations.

Design Example of Using Inductors

Inductors are one of the most important components in power electronics. They are responsible for transferring electricity from one component to another, and they play an essential role in regulating voltages and currents.

Traditional inductors use a simple coil design made up of many turns of wire. This design can be difficult to adjust, and it can be difficult to create a consistent inductance value across the entire coil.

Adjustable inductors solve these problems by using electronic circuitry to control the inductance value. This technology allows you to precisely adjust the inductance value, so you can get accurate voltage and current readings across the entire coil.

This design is ideal for applications that need precise control over voltages and currents, such as battery chargers and AC motors. By using adjustable inductors, you can ensure that your power electronics designs are reliable and consistent


GFOOKIC adjustable inductors are a new way to design power electronics that are quickly becoming popular due to their ease of use and potential for improved performance. Whether you’re new to the world of power electronics or an experienced engineer looking for ways to improve your designs, GFOOKIC adjustable inductors should definitely be on your radar.

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